Chilli Powder

Name : Chilli (Mirchi)
Scientific Name : Capsicum annum, Capsicum frutescens
Family : Solanaceae

The chilli is a dried ripe fruit pod from the plant belonging to the nightshade family of solanaceae, of the genus; capsicum. Out of 20 wild species, five are cultivated, with Capsicum annum being the most widely grown.

The chilli powder is a blend of spice consisting of one or two types of dried red chillies consisting of flakes and pods that are dried and pulverized into a fine powder. Chilli Powder is a combination of one or two types of ground chillis and other spices and herbs such as cumin, oregano, garlic powder, paprika, and salt.

India is the largest producer and stands first in the production of chillies. India is the only country rich in many varieties of chillies with different quality factors. Chilli is the universal spice of India.

Culinary Uses:
  • Chilli powder is used in different cusines.
  • It adds sharp flavor and red glow to dishes when used in moderation.
  • Chilli is used for making different types of pickles.
  • Fresh or dried chilies are often used to make hot sauce.

Health/Medical Benifits:
  • Chilies are excellent source of Vitamin, A, B, C and E with minerals like molybdenum, manganese, folate, potassium, thiamin, and copper.
  • Chillies boost metabolism as it contains capsaicin.
  • Chillies helps in the management of arthritis pain, herpes zoster-related pain, diabetic neuropathy, post mastectomy pain, and headaches.
  • Capsaisin component in chillies help in reducing LDL cholesterol.

How to Store:
Chili powder has a long shelf life. It should be stored in airtight containers away from light and heat. It remains fresh up to two years. Chunks of asafoetida can be added to retain its freshness.